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Clinic's history

History of the University’s Dental Clinic begins with the opening of the Faculty of Dentistry in 2000; it had the only two training and treatment rooms in the second building and the dental laboratory in the building of central research laboratory.

Official opening of the Dental Clinic took place on March 1, 2005. The Minister of Healthcare of the Republic of Kazakhstan Yerbolat Dosayev opened the Clinic. At that time, the Clinic had only five dentist chairs: in therapeutic, surgical, orthopedic offices.

Increase of the number of students at the Dental faculty required the expansion of the Dental Clinic. In December 2008, according to the decision of Rector, Professor of West Kazakhstan Marat Ospanov State medical university Y. Zh. Bekmuhambetov the 1st floor of the University’s dormitory №4 on Maresyev 76 St. was isolated and reconstructed in the Dental Clinic under to 12 seats.